One-night Workshops with Willie Green-Aldridge

If you can make a line and curve, you can create patterns and sell for profit

The Business of Art Licensing: Create – Licen$e – Repeat

Have you ever wondered how in the world the constant flow of the latest fashion apparels, greeting card designs, housewares, handbags, kitchenware, calendars, planners, coffee mugs and the many thousands of other consumer products make their way into the marketplace? This class will help you begin to see consumer products in a whole new way. You will learn about the art licensing industry and the consultants, art directors and product developers who collaborate with artists to put their artwork on consumer products. You will also learn valuable tips and information for submitting your designs for licensing consideration along with the styles of art most suitable for art licensing.

Textile Design: Turn Your Artwork Into Profit

Art Business Workshops Willie Green-AldridgeAre you interested in transitioning from being a consumer to designing, creating, and selling your own products? Literally everything you see uses a design pattern, and many are quite simple. This class will show you how to put your own designs on some of the most popular home décor and decorative products. At the end of the class, you will have made a pattern you can use for yourself or to send out for printed wallpaper, fabric, cellphone cases, and more. The options are endless. Explore some of the most popular design choices and generate an exciting stream of income!

Refund Policy

In the event the provider cancels, students will receive a full refund. Students who need to withdraw can receive a refund up to one week prior to the class start date.

Artist Bio

Artist Willie Green-Aldridge of Raleigh, North Carolina lifts the human spirit through art. With her signature colors and rich textures, she creates sophisticated, original artwork. Willie started her career in corporate America and later worked as an interior designer before turning to her ultimate passion: creating inspiring art. Willie uses a blend of traditional painting and various other techniques to unleash designs that make her work so appealing. Rich textures; bold, vibrant colors; and stylized, decorative designs make Willie’s work easy to live with and enjoy.

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