Bronze Leaf Quadrant

Bronze Leaf Quadrant shimmer with touches of elegant metallic and decorative swirls as it unveils a stunning study of nature with its bronze leaf accents. Color and texture commingle bringing a sophisticated contrast between lustrous gold, bronze and soft touches of ivory and blue.

Quiet Reflection

Bold terra cotta reds and cool blues converge to reflect a stunning sea of color and movement in Sea Horizon. Complete your look by adding sea-inspired accents of dreamy, earthy shades of color that evoke quiet reflections.

Lake Blue Essence

Lake Blue Essence entices with layers of blues and greens that seem to dance across the painting creating a refreshing, mesmerizing sensibility. The soothing sea tones will both illuminate and inspire by evoking a sense of tranquility and awe.


Soothing sea and ocean blues, warm ochre and shades of creamy sand all take their influence from mother nature.  These rich, earthy, wondrous shades are making their way into our home and soothing our souls.  Like the sea, watercolor and nature inspired wall décor and accessories make for a relaxed spa-like feel.  It’s all about mixing prints […]